December 14th 2010 3rd Tuesday of Advent

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Somebody Steals Baby Jesus Every Year

By Randy Raus | December 13, 2010

My wife’s aunt and uncle used to put up a large “over the top” light display for Christmas at their house. People would stop their cars and get out to look at and take pictures of the hundred’s of thousands of lights. Each year the display grew and grew until one year they decided that it was enough and that people were too focused on the lights and not focused on what Christmas is about. So the next year they decided to not put up lights and instead build an incredible Nativity Scene in their front yard. They did it so well and we all really looked forward to driving by to see it.

This year we haven’t seen the Nativity go up, so I asked them what was happening and they said “Somebody steals baby Jesus every year, so we decided to not put it up this year.” First of all, I thought how sad that the theft ruined it for many. I also thought about how many times, I have let someone steal baby Jesus from me by taking away my joy, hope or the very least, causing me to grow less loving and more judgmental during Advent and Christmas by pushing some button that I didn’t need pushed. Sometimes it’s the presents and our want, want, want that steals baby Jesus from us and we fall into the superficial mindset of gifts and parties and allow Jesus to be stolen.

So this year I am really trying to not let anyone steal baby Jesus from my Advent and Christmas. In other words, not lose my focus on the incredible story of the incarnation and how thankful I am that for 4 weeks we learn to be more patient and then once again discover how fortunate we are that God would send His Son to save us. After all, that type of theft is much more a tragedy than someone stealing the plastic, wood or porcelain version of baby Jesus. So this year, don’t be letting anyone steal your baby Jesus!


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